Four Favorites for Winter

This weeks favorites are all about winter, and while it might not officially be winter just yet I am embracing it, and consequently these favorites for the season!

Winter Four Favorites

1. Lately, I have felt naked with out lip color, be that gloss, lipstick, lip liner/chapstick combo or whatever. Just can't do it. Since I began working part time at a make up counter, I can't help but notice what a little bit of lip color does for your whole face, its like magic I tell you! It makes such a difference! I have especially been loving the rich berry tones this winter.

2. As soon as I find a good hair stylist in the Greensboro area I am going to get my hair dyed this color or something similar. I've been thinking about dying my hair red ever since the weather started getting colder. Consequently, I have been on a pinning rampage of beautiful redheaded women whose hair I envy. Which only further solidifies my need for red hair, it's a vicious cycle really.

3. This quote is so great, I am  claiming it for winter.  Seriously. I am thinking of ordering the print and hanging it above my desk to remind me. Plus, Oprah said it... and that woman definitely had the courage and darn it if she hasn't accomplished a hell of a lot! Color me humbled.

4. Seriously obsessed with all things knit and white, be that hats, infinity scarves, blankets, or sweaters. Just can't get enough of them.

This week I am linking up with Ashlyn at Let It Be Beautiful for the Four Favorites series. You should definitely click on over and check it out!