Welcome to the Family Luna!

Blog meet Luna, Luna meet blog. I am sure you will be great friends, because who couldn't adore this little face. I picked my little girl up on Saturday and she slept in my lap for the whole hour drive home.  I quickly realized she had fleas and a couple ticks from being kept outside. So when we got home I bathed her multiple times, combing her with a flea comb and and getting rid of the ticks. But she is finally tick free and much happier for it me thinks.

I can't wait for Phil to get home from training so he can meet her, I know he will be just as in love with our little furbaby as I am.


High Five for Friday

1. My sweet friends Anna and Gabe became man and wife on Sunday! It was such a beautiful ceremony!

2. Starting to gather things together for our new place, which we move into next week! I am just loving our new couch I can see many wonderful naps and Harry Potter viewings happening from this spot.

3. Fro-yo dates with my sweet friend Renee! As former roommates, its so nice to live in the same city once again. Its so fun seeing her settle into life with her new husband.

4. My mom, her best friend, and myself are currently at the beach on our annual beach trip. We've been going to the beach every summer for 5 years now and its always a special time with my mom and another mom I claim as mine too.

5. AND... the most exciting news.. we are getting a puppy!! I went by the breeder and picked my little girl out and we are driving home tomorrow and picking her up to take home with me forever!


The Beginning

Well folks, it has begun... Phil left for Sergeant school, a three week program in South Carolina. Its pretty neat because he is up for a promotion, so I am really proud of him. However, this is also the BEGINNING.. the beginning of the time that I hadn't let myself think about the last four months. The beginning of the year and a half period that will mean an on and off long distance marriage. He is gone some in August, gone some in October, and then gone in December for potentially an entire year! I haven't let myself think about this, because there was no point worrying or obsessing about something I couldn't change. I forced myself to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have with my sweet guy.

But now that the reality of this life stage has hit me, I have got to say I am reeling a little bit. It is REAL, he is going to be in Afghanistan and away from me for a while. Which is HARD! But moving back to my hometown has already been such a blessing, I know I am going to be fine. I know we are going to be fine, and I am trusting in the Lord that he will be fine.