Outfit Envy

Outfit Envy

Do you ever see another woman's outfit and her make up and just want to gush how much you just love her outfit and ask what eyeliner is she using? But of course you then feel kinda like a creepy weirdo so you totally don't. That happened to me yesterday. I was doing some Christmas shopping with my mom and this girl, who worked at the store we were in, had an awesome outfit  and her make up was perfect. Her cateye was ... just absolutely perfect, and that is enviable of course because the perfect cateye is every woman's dream, right? She had a grey printed mini dress, hunter green tights, tall black michael kohrs boots (they were beautiful) and a charcoal fitted blazer.  The green tights just tied it all together, I need to get my hands on a pair. It was the perfect punch of color. You should get some too, we need them. 


Christmas Decoration Inspiration '13

Christmas Decor 13

Holiday decoration / Mercury Pattern Votives / Philips 60ct Warm White LED Smooth Mini String Christmas Lights / Holiday Ornament Harry Potter Book Page Glass Christmas Ornament / Large Personalized, Plush and Posh Christmas Stocking Russet Red Satin... / Philips 100ct Red/Clear/White Mini String Lights Green Wire

1. I love this tree skirt, it completely unique and a little quirky.

2. I was originally leaning towards burlap stockings, but I love the punch of red in these.

3. Love the gold and the different textures in these votives, perfect nestled in the greenery on my mantle.

4. A Harry Potter ornament perfect for a Harry Potter lover like me. Its going to be my new favorite ornament.

***bonus, I am itching to try a tip I recently heard from an interior designer friend.. you put a string of white lights further in the tree towards the trunk, and then you wrap the colored (or this awesome red, white, and clear string of lights) around the tree where you would normally put the lights. Voila, you have one vibrant tree!

I am linking up for Four Favorites with Let it be Beautiful and Fancy Things.


Links I am Loving

These holiday styles are perfect for the two wedding we have on the docket this month.
Finally, how to make those awesome bows everyone has on their trees and wreaths this time of year.
Can't wait to make this Lentil soup but use our leftover turkey in the freezer.
One of my favorite bloggers is speaking truth that all those who read blogs need to hear.


High Five for Friday

1. This week I had my first Trader Joes Experience, and it was absolutely glorious. I am drinking their Sipping Chocolate as I type and I am in love.

2. PSA if you go in to Macy's and stop by the Clinique counter and sit down for a quick consultation you walk away with a FREE travel size Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino or Broadest Berry. Um who doesn't love free!? I got Mightiest Maraschino and I love the color pay off, perfect for holiday parties.

3. I snapped this photo of Luna this morning as I was making breakfast, whenever I am getting ready in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen she sits at the doorway and watches me. That face!

4. My new favorite nail polish which I picked up at Tjmaxx for only $3 the other day. #Maxxinista all-day every day.

5. Cyber Monday was rather good to me, I ended up shopping my own post and scored a bunch of the items on my holiday wish list.. whoops! 


One of those mornings..

I had one of those perfect mornings. It was overcast but not actually raining, and I kind of love weather like that. I had an interview in a nearby city, and lo and behold right across the street was a Trader Joes. I have heard the many joys and mercies of Trader Joe's but have never experienced it myself. And man was it glorious! There were so many things that I would have loved to take home with me. They had the cutest little herbs plants shaped like trees, wreaths and garlands and that was before I even got

This is what I walked out with, plus some salmon and ravioli that were already in the fridge at this point.

I cannot wait to break into this hot chocolate tonight when Phil gets home from work. I have been completely obsessed with hot chocolate lately. Oh! and the hummus was less than two dollars. That NEVER happens at the grocery store!

When I left Trader Joe's I stopped at the local favorite smoothie shop and stopped in one of my favorite stores to work on my christmas shopping. It was just an all around good morning, one that leaves you content and joyful. It's the little things. 


Four Favorites for Winter

This weeks favorites are all about winter, and while it might not officially be winter just yet I am embracing it, and consequently these favorites for the season!

Winter Four Favorites

1. Lately, I have felt naked with out lip color, be that gloss, lipstick, lip liner/chapstick combo or whatever. Just can't do it. Since I began working part time at a make up counter, I can't help but notice what a little bit of lip color does for your whole face, its like magic I tell you! It makes such a difference! I have especially been loving the rich berry tones this winter.

2. As soon as I find a good hair stylist in the Greensboro area I am going to get my hair dyed this color or something similar. I've been thinking about dying my hair red ever since the weather started getting colder. Consequently, I have been on a pinning rampage of beautiful redheaded women whose hair I envy. Which only further solidifies my need for red hair, it's a vicious cycle really.

3. This quote is so great, I am  claiming it for winter.  Seriously. I am thinking of ordering the print and hanging it above my desk to remind me. Plus, Oprah said it... and that woman definitely had the courage and darn it if she hasn't accomplished a hell of a lot! Color me humbled.

4. Seriously obsessed with all things knit and white, be that hats, infinity scarves, blankets, or sweaters. Just can't get enough of them.

This week I am linking up with Ashlyn at Let It Be Beautiful for the Four Favorites series. You should definitely click on over and check it out!


Christmas List 2013


My Fall Uniform

During this unemployed stage of my life, unless I am going to a job interview I am dressed pretty casually. And this outfit right here has been my everyday uniform, you can ask my neighbors. I snagged a green military style jacket a couple years ago from Old Navy and I have been wearing it endlessly this season. The black skinnies are classic and comfy, paired with a loose charcoal t-shirt, and I have been dressing it up with my Jcrew elephant necklace and long earrings. Here is a quick selfie of  my fall uniform with the jewelry and my goofy face.

Fall Uniform

Topshop long sleeve top / Madewell military jacket / Old Navy black jegging / Converse white shoes

Do you have a fall uniform that you always find yourself reaching for on casual days?

Woman Crush Wednesday

In an ode to the ever present Wednesday hashtag, I am doing a #WCW post! Tomorrow is the premier of the new Hunger Games movie and I couldn't be more pumped. I have been rereading Catching Fire this week in preparation and watching Jennifer Lawrence interviews, because well of course. Jennifer is  arguably the most lovable and relatable actress of our age. Love her candor and honest thoughtfulness. 

I absolutely LOVE this interview with her. We need more women like her in the spotlight for girls to look up to. She summarizes the problem of our culture in a mere statement, and issues a challenge I hope girls rise up and meet. 


Here are a few more, if you too are obsessed..


Office Inspo

Well we have lived in our apartment going on three months now and I have finally decided to attack my  office/guest room. I have been job searching and writing on the couch in various positions that aren't exactly comfortable and probably terrible for my back. So I have decided to actually get a chair for my office (novel concept) and hang some things on the wall and make the space inspiring and productive. Here are a few images from Pinterest (of course) to inspire this creative process, if you will. How did we ever live/decorate with out pinterest?

Love the simplictity of the white desk. A prevailing theme throughout my inspiration photos as you will notice I am sure.

I love the eclectic yet cohesive look of the white minimalist desk  paired with the vibrant rug and vintage shape of the chair. Which also looks classy yet comfortable, the end goal for all things, yes?

These cork boards are actually trivets from Ikea. Love the possibilities with these. 

Our office/guest room is small and dual purpose so my desk is naturally near a corner so these shelves would be perfect. 

Similar look as the others with the white desk, but I love the the strings of lights and the lamp. 

I am so excited to see this finished, although al things worth having take time and money, ie time to find the perfect affordable pieces.


A Recap

I went on a couple month blogging haitus but I am back. In the last few months we settled into our new apartment, Phil came home from training after making the commandants list (so proud!), our Luna has grown like a weed and is now looking more dog than puppy, we spent 10 days in Ireland with my family for  a family reunion, we've both been continuing our job hunt, AND due to the government shut down in October Phil's deployment was cancelled! I am absolutely over the moon that my husband won't be leaving me in December for a year deployment to Afghanistan! I cannot even tell you how happy I am! So many of our plans have changed, BUT thats really okay because he isn't going to Afghanistan! 


Welcome to the Family Luna!

Blog meet Luna, Luna meet blog. I am sure you will be great friends, because who couldn't adore this little face. I picked my little girl up on Saturday and she slept in my lap for the whole hour drive home.  I quickly realized she had fleas and a couple ticks from being kept outside. So when we got home I bathed her multiple times, combing her with a flea comb and and getting rid of the ticks. But she is finally tick free and much happier for it me thinks.

I can't wait for Phil to get home from training so he can meet her, I know he will be just as in love with our little furbaby as I am.


High Five for Friday

1. My sweet friends Anna and Gabe became man and wife on Sunday! It was such a beautiful ceremony!

2. Starting to gather things together for our new place, which we move into next week! I am just loving our new couch I can see many wonderful naps and Harry Potter viewings happening from this spot.

3. Fro-yo dates with my sweet friend Renee! As former roommates, its so nice to live in the same city once again. Its so fun seeing her settle into life with her new husband.

4. My mom, her best friend, and myself are currently at the beach on our annual beach trip. We've been going to the beach every summer for 5 years now and its always a special time with my mom and another mom I claim as mine too.

5. AND... the most exciting news.. we are getting a puppy!! I went by the breeder and picked my little girl out and we are driving home tomorrow and picking her up to take home with me forever!


The Beginning

Well folks, it has begun... Phil left for Sergeant school, a three week program in South Carolina. Its pretty neat because he is up for a promotion, so I am really proud of him. However, this is also the BEGINNING.. the beginning of the time that I hadn't let myself think about the last four months. The beginning of the year and a half period that will mean an on and off long distance marriage. He is gone some in August, gone some in October, and then gone in December for potentially an entire year! I haven't let myself think about this, because there was no point worrying or obsessing about something I couldn't change. I forced myself to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have with my sweet guy.

But now that the reality of this life stage has hit me, I have got to say I am reeling a little bit. It is REAL, he is going to be in Afghanistan and away from me for a while. Which is HARD! But moving back to my hometown has already been such a blessing, I know I am going to be fine. I know we are going to be fine, and I am trusting in the Lord that he will be fine. 


California lovin'

We have been having the best time in California this week, and I am SO sad that today is our last full day. Its been so fun getting to share the husband with all my family and watch him interact and them just love him. My cousin's wedding was beautiful and I had so much fun watching him dance with my aunt and laugh with my cousins. It's been a blast to watch him see and explore this new place. He has never been to California, and my whole family has had the best time showing him all of our favorite places. He has been like a kid in a candy shop, and its been so fun for everyone to see his enthusiasm. Its been such a great week and I feel undeniably blessed, by my family and my husband. Its so hard to say goodbye to everyone, but knowing that I will see them next month for the next family wedding makes it a little easier. 


High Five for Friday

Linking with Lauren in this week for High Five for Friday!

1. Wednesday was Phil's and my first time flying on a plane together! It was a long day of travel but we had fun.

2. My favorite travel tradition (especially if I am flying alone) is to get a cup of Starbucks and a magazine I wouldn't normally splurge on while I wait for the flight.

3. We are staying at a house we rented with some of my extended family and it been so great to spend time with them.

4. We explored the city yesterday, and Phil was so excited to see al the sights in San Francisco.

5. Per family tradition, we try to go to a major league baseball game in whatever big city we are visiting. So last night we of course caught a giants game! And another uncle and cousin met up with us at the game!


Travel Day

It's travel day for us! So stinking excited to see all my sweet family, see a few favorite cities, and of course celebrate one of my sweet cousin's wedding. We are waking up early this morning (read 3am) and heading to Raleigh to catch a flight to Las Vegas and then on to San Francisco! It's going to be a long day but I couldn't be happier about it!

P.S. It's also Phil's first time this far West, and his fourth or fifth time flying. It will be fun to see it all through his eyes this trip.


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best dad I could've asked for! My Dad is one of my closest confidants, the best listener, and one my favorite people to bounce plans and ideas off of. He's always there to listen to my woes, but quickly gets me back on my feet and encourages me to get out there again. Its the perfect amount of compassion and encouragement, while never letting me dwell in whatever my longer than I need to. Our conversations are some of my favorites, and his hugs are the best. Thanks for loving me and pointing me to my heavenly Father.

( My Dad and his three girls) 


High Five for Friday

Ah and Friday has finally arrived, it been one of those weeks where I was sure this wonderful day might never arrive! Linking up with Lauren  again over here. FIVE things that made life good this week....

1. Starting to pick up some odds and ends for our new apartment and I am getting so excited to move in and put it all together. We got an old dresser (which I can't wait to slap some paint on and new hardware) , a quilt on major sale at anthro, and a few other odds and ends.

2. I joined the gym my husband has been going to because I am trying to get back in shape and just plain old healthy. (Also I have brought a salad and a piece of fruit everyday for lunch this week. Proud.)

3. My sweet co-worker gave me a gift of a Mary Kay lipstick and gloss, which was so sweet. And even better the proceeds went to help victims of the Oklahoma tornados. How neat! Beauty products and philinthropy, love it!

4. Coffee, I think coffee is probably a highlight of every week for me. BUT yesterday I went to Panera on my way to work and I was given a FREE large coffee!

5. One night this week we drove down the mountain to have dinner with one of my husband's army buddies and his family. It was such a fun time, and us ladies had cocktails (pearl diver anyone?) and we got to watch cable! (oh the little things in life)


A bridal shower extravaganza weekend

This last weekend was the weekend of bridal showers. Friday I drove to my hometown after work to go to my dear friend's fiesta themed bridal shower. There were lots of good friends, margaritas, and burritos, I mean what more could you ask for? (I brought my camera, but naturally forgot to take any photos) Saturday, that same friend was thrown another shower which was just beautiful and had the sweetest pinwheel decorations.

Myself and the bride, my college roomate.

All the bridesmaids together.

And on Sunday, there was a third shower for another dear friend of mine at this awesome bakery in town. The cake was fantastic, and the venue amazing! I will have to keep it in mind for any showers I have to throw in the future. They had this little party room that was Pottery Barn chic. AND she made a wishlist at Anthroplogie and she got the BEST stuff. I am wishing I had done that for mine. Anthro's home stuff... swoon.


Wedding Season

1.  /  2.  /   3. /  4.

Well folks we are definitely in "Wedding Season" which of course means new dresses. There are showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings to attend in the next few months and I've been on the hunt for a couple new dresses to include into the rotation. Here are a few that I am just loving. I am driving back to my hometown this weekend in fact with three bridal showers on the docket, which should be so so fun! Its so exciting to be a part of my friend's very own celebrations. It is such a joyful, hopeful, and exciting time for my sweet friends!

I know I've said this already but... I still can't believe that a year ago we were in the midst of celebrating and preparing for our own July wedding!


Reflection: Memorial Day

Our local ballpark did a neat memorial day celebration of sorts which touched my heart and got me thinking. There was a moment of silence, and then they had a group of Patriot Riders come out on the field including a WWII vet, which was so neat. I love the Patriot Riders and the service they provide out of their sense of duty and the kindness of their hearts to fallen soldiers and their families. They honored active and retired servicemen and women, and asked active servicemen to stand up so we could honor them and show our appreciation.

My sweet husband stood up, and I had to blink back tears. I couldn't be more proud of him and his sense of honor and duty. This is my first Memorial day as the wife of a soldier, one who will be deployed by the end of the year no less. The 'holiday' took on a completely new meaning for me, this weekend used to be a lake weekend or the weekend that the neighborhood pool opened up for the first time. But now it's different, I understand, my heart goes out to all those who have lost their spouses, siblings parents, and friends in the line of duty. My heart breaks with you. And my anxious heart worries selfishly for my own serviceman, it worries about what future Memorial Days will mean to me. But then I remember that is not a road I need to let my heart and mind go down. There is no sense in worrying about what I cannot control. I have to have faith, and enjoy every second I have with my soldier over the next six months.