Outfit Envy

Outfit Envy

Do you ever see another woman's outfit and her make up and just want to gush how much you just love her outfit and ask what eyeliner is she using? But of course you then feel kinda like a creepy weirdo so you totally don't. That happened to me yesterday. I was doing some Christmas shopping with my mom and this girl, who worked at the store we were in, had an awesome outfit  and her make up was perfect. Her cateye was ... just absolutely perfect, and that is enviable of course because the perfect cateye is every woman's dream, right? She had a grey printed mini dress, hunter green tights, tall black michael kohrs boots (they were beautiful) and a charcoal fitted blazer.  The green tights just tied it all together, I need to get my hands on a pair. It was the perfect punch of color. You should get some too, we need them. 


Christmas Decoration Inspiration '13

Christmas Decor 13

Holiday decoration / Mercury Pattern Votives / Philips 60ct Warm White LED Smooth Mini String Christmas Lights / Holiday Ornament Harry Potter Book Page Glass Christmas Ornament / Large Personalized, Plush and Posh Christmas Stocking Russet Red Satin... / Philips 100ct Red/Clear/White Mini String Lights Green Wire

1. I love this tree skirt, it completely unique and a little quirky.

2. I was originally leaning towards burlap stockings, but I love the punch of red in these.

3. Love the gold and the different textures in these votives, perfect nestled in the greenery on my mantle.

4. A Harry Potter ornament perfect for a Harry Potter lover like me. Its going to be my new favorite ornament.

***bonus, I am itching to try a tip I recently heard from an interior designer friend.. you put a string of white lights further in the tree towards the trunk, and then you wrap the colored (or this awesome red, white, and clear string of lights) around the tree where you would normally put the lights. Voila, you have one vibrant tree!

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Links I am Loving

These holiday styles are perfect for the two wedding we have on the docket this month.
Finally, how to make those awesome bows everyone has on their trees and wreaths this time of year.
Can't wait to make this Lentil soup but use our leftover turkey in the freezer.
One of my favorite bloggers is speaking truth that all those who read blogs need to hear.


High Five for Friday

1. This week I had my first Trader Joes Experience, and it was absolutely glorious. I am drinking their Sipping Chocolate as I type and I am in love.

2. PSA if you go in to Macy's and stop by the Clinique counter and sit down for a quick consultation you walk away with a FREE travel size Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino or Broadest Berry. Um who doesn't love free!? I got Mightiest Maraschino and I love the color pay off, perfect for holiday parties.

3. I snapped this photo of Luna this morning as I was making breakfast, whenever I am getting ready in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen she sits at the doorway and watches me. That face!

4. My new favorite nail polish which I picked up at Tjmaxx for only $3 the other day. #Maxxinista all-day every day.

5. Cyber Monday was rather good to me, I ended up shopping my own post and scored a bunch of the items on my holiday wish list.. whoops! 


One of those mornings..

I had one of those perfect mornings. It was overcast but not actually raining, and I kind of love weather like that. I had an interview in a nearby city, and lo and behold right across the street was a Trader Joes. I have heard the many joys and mercies of Trader Joe's but have never experienced it myself. And man was it glorious! There were so many things that I would have loved to take home with me. They had the cutest little herbs plants shaped like trees, wreaths and garlands and that was before I even got

This is what I walked out with, plus some salmon and ravioli that were already in the fridge at this point.

I cannot wait to break into this hot chocolate tonight when Phil gets home from work. I have been completely obsessed with hot chocolate lately. Oh! and the hummus was less than two dollars. That NEVER happens at the grocery store!

When I left Trader Joe's I stopped at the local favorite smoothie shop and stopped in one of my favorite stores to work on my christmas shopping. It was just an all around good morning, one that leaves you content and joyful. It's the little things. 


Four Favorites for Winter

This weeks favorites are all about winter, and while it might not officially be winter just yet I am embracing it, and consequently these favorites for the season!

Winter Four Favorites

1. Lately, I have felt naked with out lip color, be that gloss, lipstick, lip liner/chapstick combo or whatever. Just can't do it. Since I began working part time at a make up counter, I can't help but notice what a little bit of lip color does for your whole face, its like magic I tell you! It makes such a difference! I have especially been loving the rich berry tones this winter.

2. As soon as I find a good hair stylist in the Greensboro area I am going to get my hair dyed this color or something similar. I've been thinking about dying my hair red ever since the weather started getting colder. Consequently, I have been on a pinning rampage of beautiful redheaded women whose hair I envy. Which only further solidifies my need for red hair, it's a vicious cycle really.

3. This quote is so great, I am  claiming it for winter.  Seriously. I am thinking of ordering the print and hanging it above my desk to remind me. Plus, Oprah said it... and that woman definitely had the courage and darn it if she hasn't accomplished a hell of a lot! Color me humbled.

4. Seriously obsessed with all things knit and white, be that hats, infinity scarves, blankets, or sweaters. Just can't get enough of them.

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Christmas List 2013