Outfit Envy

Outfit Envy

Do you ever see another woman's outfit and her make up and just want to gush how much you just love her outfit and ask what eyeliner is she using? But of course you then feel kinda like a creepy weirdo so you totally don't. That happened to me yesterday. I was doing some Christmas shopping with my mom and this girl, who worked at the store we were in, had an awesome outfit  and her make up was perfect. Her cateye was ... just absolutely perfect, and that is enviable of course because the perfect cateye is every woman's dream, right? She had a grey printed mini dress, hunter green tights, tall black michael kohrs boots (they were beautiful) and a charcoal fitted blazer.  The green tights just tied it all together, I need to get my hands on a pair. It was the perfect punch of color. You should get some too, we need them. 


Lindy Maddox said...

Love the idea of green tights! Very Blair Waldorf. :)